Kanawah history.

Our Whaleboats are replicas of the Beetle Whaleboats 28 foot long 6 ft wide fiberglass, weighing about 700lbs built by Edey & Duff, Ltd in Mattapoisett, MA. Fixed seats Oars Range 13 – 15 feet the steering oar is 26 feet.

Our first Boat the “Kanawah” was launched in May 2005

"Kanawha" comes from an Indian name meaning "place of white stone" this was probably because of the salt that was found in the area.  Based on reports of conversations between pioneer settlers and friendly, it is assumed that an obscure Indian sub-tribe, with a name similar in sound to Kanawha was once located on the upper reaches of New River, which, in Jefferson's time was known as the Kanawha River.  The Kanawha tribe left the Kanawha River to rejoin the Iroquois Indians in New York.

Henry Huttleston Rogers Yacht