Do you find yourself wondering which way the wind blows?  Here are some websites that will help you answer that, and many other questions you may have about the weather.


This first link connects you to the weather station at the Buzzards Bay Tower.  It will give you accurate and current reports on the weather conditions in Buzzards Bay.

Buzzards Bay Tower


This link is for the National Weather Service marine forecast.  This is the forecast to pay attention to, unlike the TV news...............  This site will also tell you if there are any warnings for mariners in effect. The first section of the report gives the forecast for the broad range of our coastal waters.  If you scroll down through the report you will find the forecast for Buzzards Bay.  The last section gives a further projected forecast.

National Weather Service Marine Forecast


This last link is for tidal information.  This site will let you download and print a tide chart for the location and month you specify.

Harbor Tides


Hope these are helpful!  If you know of another web site of interest to rowers please send us the link.



Conversion Table:


5 Knots = 5.8 MPH

10 Knots = 11.5 MPH

15 Knots = 17.3 MPH

20 Knots = 23 MPH

25 Knots = 28.8 MPH

30 Knots = 34.6 MPH